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Press Start 2P: A new Unicode-friendly interpretation of the classic arcade font

NEW! 12 June 2011: It's been almost ten whole years since the original version of Press Start came out (it's been that long?), and I thought that it was worth a complete revamp. And so... that's exactly what I've done.

This font is based on the fonts from a number of classic Namco arcade games, as immortalized in the Namco '70s-'80s Arcade Videogames Font Museum. More specifically, it's based on the character set from Return of Ishtar, one of the first Namco games to include and make use of a full lowercase font.

No, I'm not the first to have ported this font to TrueType, even with lowercase; Genshichi Yasui did a number of wonderful 8-bit font conversions, including the Return of Ishtar font.

However, this font differs from Yasui's in a very significant way: it includes the entire Latin Extended A block of Unicode, allowing this font to be used in a variety of European languages. And that's not the end of it— I've extended this even further with Cyrillic and Greek letters as well, and may eventually get around to also adding katakana (which were included in Yasui's version). Also, as in the previous version, I've added a few symbol characters— even a few that weren't in the original.

UPDATED 1 November 2012: Version 2.14. Although the font has had Cyrillic and Greek support for a year, it wasn't correctly recognized by Windows as supporting those code pages; this is now fixed.

Download the Press Start 2P font:  [ PC/Mac OS X ]
Released under the SIL Open Font License.

For those who are still looking for the original version of Press Start (based on Gaplus and Legend of Valkyrie) or Press Start K (based on the font used in the KGen and Kega emulators), those are still available as well: [ PC/Mac OS X | Mac Classic ]

PC Senior

[Note (2019/12/07): Although I'm still offering this font for download for historical reasons, I highly recommend VileR's conversion of the IBM BIOS font from the Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack, as it's much more extensive and Unicode-friendly than my take from over a decade ago.]

Brings back some memories, doesn't it? Yes, this is the font used in the console mode of myriad old computers; indeed, it can be found buried within the ROMs of video cards even today, but so few programs call upon it anymore (and with good reason, considering the much higher resolutions available!) that it's been more or less forgotten... until now.

Yes, I know such fonts as E. A. Behl's "Video Terminal Screen" exist, but that particular font is a conversion of the default 8x16 VGA font. I wanted to go back even further to the long-forgotten but nostalgia-inducing 8x8 font used on CGA cards (and, for that matter, in the 320x240 graphics mode on VGA adapters), but I hadn't seen a TrueType version of that font around anywhere, so I decided I'd create one myself.

Background information: This font was converted using Softy and Font Creator Program from character bitmaps found on the Internet, including a public-domain Windows bitmap font which can be downloaded below.

And yes, the name is a pun on IBM's PC Jr, now a veritable dinosaur of a computer...

Updated 24 September 2001 - Version 1.0. Finally contains some characters from the 128-255 set. Yay. (Incidentally, I'm mapping the higher characters to their locations in the Windows/Mac ISO character set rather than the old and rather outdated DOS code page; however, I may release another version with that character set if there's enough demand.)

Download the "PC Senior" font!  [ PC | Mac ]
Download the original PC8x8 bitmap font on which this was based.

Manaspace: because good RPGs didn't always use variable-width fonts

This is, of course, the font from Squaresoft's classic Super Nintendo RPG Secret of Mana.

I chose the name because at the time, more and more games (such as Zelda 3, for instance) were gravitating toward the use of proportionally-spaced fonts to display dialogue, but Secret of Mana still used a monospaced font (albeit a newly and nicely designed one) to display its text.

Download the Manaspace font!  [ PC | Mac ]

NEW! 17 July 2010: Philipp Affeltranger has contributed a version enhanced with German umlauts. I'm planning on adding other international characters to all my fonts eventually, but this is a start.

Return Of Ganon: The Zelda III Dialogue Font

Yet another retro video game font for your typographic pleasure. Be sure to check out these glyphs for some nifty special characters: # * @ ^ ` ~

Updated 21 October 2001 - Version 1.01. In the original version I had accidentally swapped the single and double "smart quotes" around; it's been fixed now.

Download the Return of Ganon font!  [ PC | Mac ]

DeluxeFont: yet another 1980s-era typographical resurrection from codeman38

Ever use Electronic Arts' DeluxePaint II for Amiga or MS-DOS? If so, you probably recognize this somewhat distinctive bitmap font from its menus and dialogs. The capital Y, among certain other characters, is quite unusually shaped...

Download DeluxeFont!  [ PC | Mac ]

DPComic: Cartoony font goodness from the '80s

Another of the fonts from that old abandonware workhorse DeluxePaint II. Fans of the Unicorn Jelly webcomic might recognize this one...

[Note (2019/12/07): I still haven't updated the font (it's the same version that's been available since 2004), but I did discover some new info about its true origins! This was derived from a font from the Mac game Through the Looking Glass; see this thread on Twitter for more details.]

Download DPComic!  [ PC | Mac ]

Lunchtime Doubly So: The Enix RPG Font

Soulblazer. Illusion of Gaia. And of course, the elusive Terranigma. What do they have in common? Besides being quite awesome Super Nintendo RPGs, they all used this font for their dialogue, of course.

As for the rather unusual font name? I discovered, while trying to glean the character bitmaps for this font, that Illusion of Gaia was re-titled Illusion of Time when it was released in Europe. That, of course, made me think of a certain quote from early on in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Yes, I know I'm an utter geek, thank you...

Download the Lunchtime Doubly So font!  [ PC | Mac ]

Señor Saturno!

Another video game font, converted to TrueType format by yours truly. For those who don't recognize it, this is the font used to render the dialogue of those cuddly little alien creatures named Mr. Saturn in Earthbound, a cult classic RPG for Super Nintendo.

Though this is a TrueType font, the characters are actually bitmapped. Hey, it preserves the original character shapes (not to mention the video game "feel" of the font), and at 12 points it works quite well as a screen font. If you really want a scalable version, there's one available at which was apparently redrawn by hand...

Goes well with Orange Kid from Larabie Fonts (the regular Earthbound dialogue font), natch...

Download the Señor Saturno font!  [ PC | Mac ]

KongText: Back in my day...

Remember Donkey Kong Country for SNES? Then you'll probably remember having seen this pixel font in Cranky Kong's rants on how good games used to be...

Download Kongtext!  [ PC | Mac ]

Yoster Island: a real dinosaur of a font

Ever want to use that rather cartoonish screen font from Yoshi's Island in your Flash animations, Photoshopped images, or printed publications? Probably not. Still, here it is anyway. ::grin::

Download Yoster Island!  [ PC | Mac ]

PC Paint Font Collection

We've already converted some of the fonts from EA's DeluxePaint. Now, here are some of the fonts from one of its biggest competitors, Mouse Systems' PC Paint— which, incidentally, has been released as freeware by its original programmer. Five typefaces, in three different sizes; "Small" is best displayed at 8 pixels, "Medium" at 16, and "Large" at 24.

As a complete aside, these fonts show up in quite a few Taiwanese bootleg games for the NES, Genesis and Game Boy. Apparently bootleg console developers have been using this paint program for decades after its prime; who knew?

Download the PC Paint Font Collection!  [ TrueType ]

Updated 2010/03/07: Converted from OpenType CFF to TrueType, as the former had rendering issues in Adobe apps with anti-aliasing turned off.

Bitmap Font Writer Collection

...has been moved onto a separate page.

Collaborations with Others

I've also helped optimize, convert, or tweak fonts that other designers have created. Here are links to some of the sites where I've helped out:

Last, but not least, I've decided to make the script for my Font Previewer freely available as of 12 December 2002, having been able to find no other such scripts readily available for download. If you're interested in offering a font preview feature on your own web site and if your web host supports PHP, simply download the PHP Font Previewer source code here and customize it to your liking.

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