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This is an attempt to catalogue all of the movies and TV shows which have subtitles available on Netflix Watch Instantly, either via Netflix itself or via downloadable DFXP files for use with Netflix's web player.

I've started this wiki because Netflix sees no reason to offer a category on their site to identify captioned movies. (Of course, they do offer a category for HD streams, but captions are apparently not important enough.) YouTube and Hulu both have the option to search only for captioned movies, so the omission of such a category on Netflix is particularly surprising-- and thus, for the meantime, I've decided to take this matter into my own hands.

NEW! As of 23 February 2011, the above complaint is no longer true: Netflix now offers a list of subtitled streams. Thank you, Netflix.

Currently these are categorized into:

Subtitled by Netflix

External Subtitles

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Page last modified on February 23, 2011, at 02:15 PM